Friday, October 29, 2010

Summer Bay follows Bundy’s Lead

Image Courtesy Channel 7

It may be fictional, but in a recent episode of Channel 7’s Home and Away the town’s kids got together to lobby the local council to ban bottled water. The council voted 4 to 1 to go bottled-water-free.

This is just another sign that mainstream media continues to rate this as an issue. Although this is of course a fictional story, there are a number of other towns across the globe who are taking similar steps to curb the sale of bottled water.

Concord, Massachusetts are due to ban bottled water in 2011 and Italy’s heritage coastline has also banned the plastic water bottle in an attempt to protect the World Heritage environment and the amenity of the region (in August over 400,000 were discarded along the coastline).

As with Bundanoon, the success of any of these (real-life) initiatives relies on providing access to fresh, clean, readily available water, through such initiatives as the Culligan Water and Street Furniture Australia bubblers

Congratulations Summer Bay, can’t wait for Ramsay Street to do the same!

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